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2023 Board of Directors
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Meeting was called to order at 7:35 PM. The Pledge of Allegiance was led by President Randy Bowser Jr. In member news, Randy Jr announced that Kevin Wilson of the Prospect VFC had passed, and also that Stacy Martin had passed after her long battle with breast cancer, she was the mother of Mason Martin, the young boy who has been hospitalized and having on going medical treatment for his injuries. The club donated the proceeds of several 50/50 drawings to the fund for the Martin family.

The meeting minutes were read by Bonnie McNeil and approved by Joe Mudrick and seconded by Randy Sr. The Treasurers report was given by Dave Harkins with the income and expenses for the past month, approved by T Hayes and seconded by Bob Kaylor.

Old & New Business: Randy Jr asked for suggestions for the annual end of year donations. The organizations that we contribute to will be determined at next months meeting. Randy Jr announced that the final cruise at the Missing Link’s was a huge success, and we hope to reach 100 cars at next years cruises there. Randy also thanked all those that helped and attended. The way that the 50/50 is done may be changed in the coming year, instead of members going around to individuals attending, a table will be set up and those who want to purchase 50/50 tickets may come to the table. And also the door prizes to be picked from those same tickets, thus requiring less man power or volunteers. The drawing for next years dash plaque was held and Joe Mudrick was the winner. With the redevelopment and renovations being done at Butler Memorial Park, several members have been checking out the park. Time will tell if we can continue doing the 4th of July show there, with the relocation of things to different areas.
The Christmas party is December 9th, and members are asked to bring items for door prizes, the time was set for 10am to decorate the hall.
Joe Mudrick has several colors of sweatshirts with the new club logo, see him after the meeting if interested. Dick Musko announced that the Rotary club is having a re-creation of the original Bantam Jeep produced and is taking donations toward the cost. Butler City is going to make a park from the parking lot on lower main st to display it.

There were 22 members present at the meeting. The 50/50 for $34 was won by Bob Kaylor and he donated it back to the club.
The Meeting ajourned at 8:20 pm.
Vice President: Bonnie McNeil

Hello folks!! I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, our up and coming event is the Christmas party, hope to see you there.
During these months with not much going on if you have people in mind to be guest speakers that would be great, let me know and thank you. After the holidays Scott and myself will jump on the cruises and get the dates out ASAP! I enjoy doing what I do for the club. I would like to see some new faces jump in next year and help out at events. Scott, myself and the board are making things easier and simplifying how we do the door prizes and 50/50! I am also looking for someone to take over the Chinese Auction at our July 4th car show, it can even be a committee!
If I don’t see you at the Christmas party or at the meeting,
have a Merry Christmas! Prayers and be safe.
President, Randy Bowser Jr

Gas card raffle Winners
Pete M # 698, sold by Scott Warburton...$250
Dick Musko #385, sold by Dick Musko….$150
Diane Miano # 2147, sold by T Hayes... $100
Steve Angello #1229, sold by Bonnie McNeil...$50

Robert Greenert
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Jahn Hunka
Dave Krainbucher

Randy Bowser Jr
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Roy Rader
Harold Critchfield Jr
Butch Stock
Jake Pisor
Thomas Bianculli
Dave Wagner

Joe Mudrick
Todd Schultz
Frank Smith
Richard Hoover

Joel Geibel
Al Dowling

Annual Club Membership Dues: $20.00 Annual dues are payable upon expiration of the current year's membership. We greatly enjoy having you as a club member and do not want to lose you. If you bring in 3 new members between Jan. and Dec. your next year's dues are free! If your membership is more than two months past due you will be removed from the membership roster and mailing list.
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Dues may be paid at the meetings or mail them to:
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